Subject: Rear camera signal wire reroute.

Release Date: 8/29/2019

Affected Vehicles: Thomas C2 and C2 variants with TAG Abigail's Compliance systems

Concern Description: Opening rear door activates Abigail's Compliance System rear camera.

Corrective Action: Inspect and, if necessary reroute reverse signal wire to new location in harness. Fill out Campaign Form (BELOW).

Parts Information: TAG Campaign 001 kit.

Contents of kit:

  • 1.   Large splice (Blue)
  • 1.   Small splice (Red)
  • 1.   Extension Harness
  • 10. Cable ties


Verify campaign is needed:

  • Validate the operation of the TAG Abigail's compliance system. (Process can be supplied by contacting TAG directly or your state inspectors). If system malfunction other then the update contact TAG directly (link at bottom of page).
  • Check if the reverse camera activates and displays when opening the rear door. (If yes the buss will require the update to pass inspection)

Actions: (Images upon request)

  1. Remove switch panel to the left of the steering wheel. [Image 01]
  2. Locate the TAG Abigail's Controller. [Image 01]
  3. Trace the blue wire from the TAG controller harness to the bus control module. [Image 02]
  4. Remove the wire connection at the bus controller by removing the wire tap or blade connector. [Image 02]
  5. Splice the new harness into the blue wire running to the TAG Abigail's controller using the smaller Red splice supplied in the update kit. [Image 03]
  6. Attach the wire under the switch panel using one of the supplied wire ties [Image 04]
  7. Run the wire under the dash and out the firewall, through the rubber grommet. Secure with supplied cable ties. [Image 04]
  8. Attach the wire along the outer firewall secured with cable ties. Use the mounting tabs shown or attach to existing harnesses. [Image 05]
  9. Run the wire between the fender and the body, down to the control module under the bus. [Image 06]
  10. Locate the dark blue wire marked "122A" in white writing. This is the power signal that supplies the reverse buzzer. This may be in different locations depending on your vehicles options. [Image 06A, 06B, 06C]
  11. Remove the loom and splice the new harness into the existing wire "122A" using the larger Blue splice supplied with the update kit. [Image 07]
  12. Reinstall the loom on the wire and secure using the supplied cable ties. [Image 08]
  13. Validate the operation of the TAG Abigail's compliance system.
  14. Fill out the campaign update form


  • 10 min


Please alert everyone in your dealership about this action, including Sales, Service, Parts and
Accounting personnel. Contact TAG if you have any questions.


Please fill out the form below to submit the campaign information.